Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) New Release!! (22.1.1)

It only feels like yesterday that I posted about Oracle Hospitality’s latest OHIP release (you can read that one here).. well… I’m back again to talk about yet another!! Oracle have completed their second Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) release of the year (22.1.1) and this time, we see a really awesome feature.

A really awesome Feature

Bundled within OHIP 22.1.1, we now have access to “Call Usage Alerts“. What is a “call usage alert”, I hear you say. Well.. these are automated alerts which ultimately send an email to a nominated recipient in the event that the API usage is nearing (or has exceeded) the limit that you, as an administrator, have set for an environment in one of your applications.

woahh.. hold your horses! environment what? in application what? …what is OHIP anyway? – I know that I promised to share out a couple of posts covering the basics of OHIP, capabilities and use cases I’m still going to do that, but I simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to write (and get my mitts on) this new feature. For now – here is some more information if you need it.

The feature provides the ability to:

  • Create a Usage Alert Setting against any application/environment combination
  • Adjust or remove a Usage Alert Setting
  • Receive an email alert if usage reaches 75% of the defined limit
  • Receive an email alert if usage has exceeded the defined limit & Receive regular daily alerts if usage continues to exceed the defined limit
  • Change the nominated recipients for Call Usage Alert emails

Trying it out!

I guess it goes without saying, but this features enables significantly better monitoring capabilities and might even help you to apply better budgeting controls too. I should note, however, that when this call usage alert is triggered, the feature does not prevent you from making any subsequent calls.

The default limit for non-production environments is 10,000 calls per Month. I absolutely don’t have the patience to call an API endpoint manually 7,500 to trigger the first alert notification email alone. Here is what I did to try out this feature:

  • Create an Application in the OHIP instance
  • Navigate to the Alerts tab
  • On the required environment, select the edit (“pencil”) icon to edit the usage alert limit
  • Increase the alert setting to 10,000 calls/month & save
  • Use Fortio to call an OHIP endpoint (using the correct application key from step 1) 8000 times, this should trigger the initial usage alert to notify that usage has exceeded 75% of the defined usage limit.
  • Use Fortio to call an OHIP endpoint (using the correct application key from step 1) 3000 more times, this should trigger the usage alert to notify that usage has exceeded 100% of the defined usage limit.


I have to say, I’m really enjoying the pace at which this product is moving forward (don’t blink or you’ll miss it!). It’s also great to be working with a product that is not only very capable, but is being heavily invested in, adding new features and new API endpoints alike.

I haven’t covered it in this post, as focus is on the new feature, but there are a bunch of other changes released with 2.1.1, including (but not limited to) new endpoints available with OPERA Cloud 21.5 or operations available to customer who have signed up to the OPERA Cloud Distribution Early Adopter Distribution Program! For full details of the changes in release 22.1.1, please see this link.

I look forward to the next release where I will create another post to outline any new features available!

Please stay tuned, and thanks for reading!!

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