First blog post… I guess I should introduce myself… I’m Amy Simpson-Grange, a Senior Oracle Applications Consultant at Capgemini since 2012, having originally started my career on their “Degree Apprenticeship” programme. I’m not a very funny person, people usually laugh at me rather than with me (DOH!!), so, please excuse all of my attempts at begin funny in this blog post or any subsequent blog posts should you frequent this site.

I’m also not a natural writer, I never have been and frankly, never will be, but I hope that I can, in these blog posts, be honest about my experiences, sharing knowledge and the highs and lows of an industry that is ever evolving and ever learning (…and any other topics that appear to be relevant!).

The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that this is not the first time (or even the second time!) trying to start a blog. I started “My Journey to the Cloud” back in 2018, where I blogged a little about the beginning of my learning of cloud technologies, Oracle cloud, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and my time at the Oracle PaaS community Forum in Budapest. I subsequently started up and was successful in posting a number of blog posts. Unfortunately, I never really found the time – I got married and had a baby!! – or the topics to build on the blog…. SO WHY DO I THINK IT’S DIFFERENT NOW?! …

I have recently taken on a new role as the capability lead for Oracle PaaS UK and whilst that means I am ever busier than before, I also recognize the importance of sharing this journey as a young female, in a senior management position of the IT industry. I also recognize the importance of learning. I learn something new EVERY SINGLE day and would like to share that knowledge with others.

The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice!

Brian Herbert

I should note that previous blog posts from were…unfortunately…lost while I’ve not been actively blogging therefore, I will repost those blog posts.

If you have made it this far, thankyou for reading and stay tuned!

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