Accessing an Object Storage Bucket in Oracle Cloud using Pre-Authenticated Requests

In my previous post, Creating an Object Storage Bucket in Oracle Cloud, I introduced Object Storage in Oracle Cloud and I outlined how you can very easily create an object storage bucket. In Oracle Cloud, object storage is used to store and manage data as objects, providing a reliable, secure and scalable service. OCI Object storage uses “buckets” as a method of organizing the objects (or files). Ultimately, you can think of a bucket as a container that stores –ideally related– objects within an Oracle Cloud compartment within a namespace. A bucket can only be associated to a single compartment and it’s possible to set policies against the compartment & bucket which define the actions/permissions that a user or group have to manipulate the bucket and the objects in the bucket. There are many use cases in which you might want or need to access an Oracle object storage bucket, in this post, I will explain how you can access objects within your bucket using a pre-authenticated request. Look out for a future post on accessing object storage buckets with granted user permissions.