Oracle Integration: Connecting to Autonomous Database OOTB using Adapters

Oracle Integration Cloud comes with a library of adapters for both Oracle and 3rd Party applications. All of these capabilities mean that it’s possible to integrate applications faster and increase business agility. I've been writing a lot lately on the topic of Oracle Autonomous Database and also presenting about Oracle Integration Cloud, so I thought, why not merge the 2 subjects and document here how you might go about using the Oracle Integration out-of-the-box adapters to integrate to an Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) or Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) instance (both Oracle Autonomous Database - ADB - offerings). In this post I will describe how to use the Oracle Autonomous Database adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud to directly connect to an ATP or ADW instance.

Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) Developer Portal gets a facelift!!

I've recently been working with Oracle OPERA Cloud. This is Oracle's Hospitality Property Management (PMS) offering. More specifically, I have been focusing on Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) which provides a rich set of 3000+ endpoints for integration into and out of OPERA Cloud... it truly does an awesome job at simplifying integration.

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) & octet-stream MIME-type

I was recently working on an integration in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) which leveraged REST APIs exposed from Oracle HCM. I needed to retrieve details from the REST endpoint in the image below. The overall solution would take this REST response and write the data to an XML file to be consumed by another system. … Continue reading Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) & octet-stream MIME-type